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Mixed Tag Mayhem


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Mixed tag team action is on the menu as the ladies in 2-piece sporty attire use all their resilience to mix it up against their brute opponents. Nevaeh and Amanda Ruffen take all they can in leg and stomach torture as Ice and Revolver dish out much pain via both excruciating holds and powerful moves on these beauties. However, far from being completely helpless, these 2 give it their all to battle back and give these men what for! But will it be enough to gain them victory?

Both ladies know enough moves and have enough courage for this not to bea complete beat-down, but the guys target Amanda (making Nevaeh watch) as they work her legs, neck and abs while referee Josie at least tries to keep the punishment legal. Once Nevaeh gets back in, can she do any better or will she be body slammed into oblivion ?

Length: 15:18

Download Size: 342 MB

Product Code: 134


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