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Taryn Shay

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To Catch A Thief To Catch A Thief
A thief of not only hearts, Nevaeh has a heck of a lot of cash and hopes to get away with it But Taryn has something to say about Nevaeh's wrongdo…
The Last Round? The Last Round?
This time it's CJ coming after Taryn to get her revenge in this best of 3 falls matchup. The clothelines, dropkicks, DDTs, pins, submissions and m…
One More Round One More Round
This multi-round battle sees Taryn Shay challenging CJ Lane in a bout that features non-stop action. The Stroke, DDTs, chops, dropkicks, and much more…
Men Behaving Badly Men Behaving Badly
This is a whopper of a mixed tag bout featuring Taryn Shay and Nemesis taking on Roger Ruffin and Samson, with Sin-D as the special guest ref.  T…
Big Red Beatings Big Red Beatings
April Hunter delivers quite a pounding to Taryn Shay, although not exclusively as Taryn gets a few licks of her own in this 30 minute grueling encount…
No Laughing Matter No Laughing Matter
A girls day laying around the house turns jolly competitive when Taryn and Heather decide to see who can stand the most tickling on their feet and tor…
Reign of Taryn Reign of Taryn
Hellena faces the tough competitor Taryn Shay in this old school style match up complete with one-pieces and boots. There is a lot of great chain…
Makeover Mayhem Makeover Mayhem
This supposed 2-on-1 turns sour for Taryn and Nemesis when they turn on each other. Can Josie come back from the double team onslaught they have infli…
Contusion of Genders Contusion of Genders
A super cocky Danny Todd is very sure of himself in this match against Taryn Shay. He does have a bit of size advantage, but it's going to take m…
All The Rage All The Rage
Dressed in 2-piece pro-style gear, CJ Lane and Taryn Shay tape up their fists for a pier-sixer with boots, punches and claws exchanged. Body…

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