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Mixed Wrestling

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Mixed Carnage #9 Mixed Carnage #9
Hellena gets pummeled by big, bad Déjà Vu in this 20-minute mixed squash. Tons of tummy torture is inflicted on her as she sports a blac…
Touching Evil Touching Evil
Mixed match brutality ensues between Hellena and Angel of Sin. Hellena works hard to try and give it as good as she gets in this tough bout using basi…
No Fault of Mine No Fault of Mine
Once more we see Hellena don the black pantyhose and one piece in order to face a male opponent. How will she fair against multiple rounds of punches…
Merciless Men Merciless Men
Josie and Hellena find themselves in a mixed tag battle against 2 giant opponents. The brutes torment the ladies with tummy and leg torture as they ap…
A Tale of Two Squashings A Tale of Two Squashings
In two match ups (each 3 falls) we see Kara Kildare put Scotty Murray through a whole slew of splashes and drops and squashes - oh MY! Scotty Murray i…
Match Point Match Point
The 2 beasts Angel of Sin and Turc take on the scrappy competitors Su Yung and Tracy Taylor in this intergender tag bout. The ladies do their best an…
Mixed Carnage #7 Mixed Carnage #7
Can Hellena (dressed in black one-piece and black hose) withstand the brutal onslaught brought on by a vexed Roger? He fights dirty with chokes, hair …
Two Times the Trouble Two Times the Trouble
This is a 2 for 1 match up, in that we have 2 short matches with the same poor guy getting pummeled by 2 powerful ladies. See both Nemesis and Kara Ki…
Mixed Carnage #6 Mixed Carnage #6
Ashley gets "Rained" on with pain from the vicious Samson in this 4 fall bout. Dressed in a black and red one-piece, black hose and boots she signs a…
Mixed Mayhem Mixed Mayhem
It's ring action too hot for Hellena to handle when she finds she is involved in a mixed handicap match. How long can she hold her own against th…

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