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East Meets Watts


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A 5 round, 20 minute submission fest goes on between Josie and Sumiko in this non stop clinic of hold after brutal hold. Sumiko puts in a good start, showing off her skills against the wily veteran Josie. She tries to get Josie off her feet and work her appendages to keep an advantage. But once Josie finally breaks free of Sumiko's holds and gets a chance to inflict several of her own, it's just a matter of time and tap outs for the rest of the falls. This match up has holds that have to be seen to be believed that someone could take that much punishment. Josie works over every inch of Sumiko with textbook precision. This match is truly a testament to both Josie's ability to apply submission holds, and Sumiko's ability to withstand the agony (sort of).

Length: 20:47

Download Size: 466 MB

Product Code: 258


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