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Knockouts Get Knocked Out


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Rookie Amanda takes on Ashley once more in a best-of-3-falls match. Both girls in bikinis and boots go at it for 30 minutes in a KO Battle. The talented ladies use corner work, sleepers, body scissors, chokes, hard hitting moves, figure 4, and even some low blows are exchanged in this all out brawl.

Ashley's experience will give her the edge (she thinks) and early signs are good as she dominates and looks to be putting Amanda away with a long sleeper. Shock one is that Amanda fights out of it and enjoys some dominance of her own.

The stage is set for a now more respectful Ashley and Amanda to trade high quality moves. Throws, blows and scissors punctuated by rope and corner work are the order of the day as the 2 well-matched ladies share the first 2 falls following forward and reverse DDTs.

So to fall 3 and nothing to choose as figure-four leg locks and sleepers are added to the mix. First it looks like Amanda then Ashley for the final point before finally a succession of leg drops and an underhook pile driver decides the issue....but for whom?

Length: 30:04

Download Size: 675 MB

Product Code: 155


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